At Nurture Women’s Care, we appreciate that each pregnancy journey is different for every woman. There is a common misconception that Obstetricians can only provide care once you have fallen pregnant. This is not the case, our role is to provide support before, during and after pregnancy.

Dr Gloria Sham will guide you on how to best optimise your health before pregnancy.

Common triggers that lead to a woman approaching us pre-conception include:
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    Difficulty falling pregnant

Some people have no trouble falling pregnant, for others, it can be extremely stressful and taxing, both physically and mentally. If you are concerned that you have underlying issues for you and/or your partner, it is extremely important that you seek out a thorough assessment by a specialist. We can help you further investigate, provide you with advice and recommend treatments to increase your chances of falling pregnant.

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    Concerns about past experience

Whether you have had difficulty falling pregnant in the past, experienced a miscarriage or trauma during previous pregnancy or birth, we are here to support you. At Nurture Women’s Care, we are proud to provide woman-centred care and will individually tailor care according to your unique needs.

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    Existing or past medical conditions

If you are currently living with a medical condition, it is even more crucial that you seek advice and antenatal care from a trusted and experienced specialist during your pregnancy. Looking after your pre-existing medical conditions and your pregnancy is equally important to us and Dr Gloria Sham will draw on her vast experience to ensure you receive the best care.

For expert advice before you fall pregnant